Physics and Hardhats

Posted August 14th, 2012 at 3:48 pm.

Congratulations to Kristen for passing her certification exam to work underground at WIPP on the DMTPC dark matter project.  She is one of the select few people (of order ~200) who can now go underground at that site!  Friday, 8/10/12, Kristen went underground for the first time along with the other DMTPC students who also took the 40 hour training. Congratulations Kristen!

Thank you very much for the congratulations! The mine is incredible, and we all had a great time on our tour yesterday! Today was my first day doing work with the other DMTPC students, which was also a lot of fun. Above is a picture of me right before going down into the mine for the first time!  ~K.

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  1. Diane Tenentes Says:

    Great job!!! Kristen….I am really impressed. I had no idea that this was involved in what you are studyng. Your great grandfather worked in the mines in Franklin NJ.
    Aunt Diane

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